Holistic Clinical Massage & ScarWork

 Holistic Facials

Choose your ideal facial treatment; if you aren't sure which you need, talk to me and I can do a skin assessment with you. Each treatment is bespoke to your needs but will typically include a deep cleanse, tone, facial massage including nourishing treatment, face mask, relaxing head massage and moisturise. 
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Treatments take around 30 minutes

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    Rejuvenating Frankincense
    Rejevenate mind and body; let worry and stress slip away whenever you use frankincense. Neal's Yard Frankincense is FairWild certified and gathered by women from the Samburu Tribe in Northern Kenya.
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    Rehydrating Rose
    Open your heart to feelings of acceptance, love and self-worth with beautiful rose products. Roses are picked early in the morning in Turkey, Iran and Lebanon. The radiance-boosting damask roses and plump antioxidant rich rosehips are carefully hand-picked when perfectly ripe.
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    Nourishing Orange Flower
    Lift your spirits and enjoy feelings of relaxation and well being as you give your skin a fabulous treat. Neal's Yard delicate organic neroli (bitter orange flower) is hand-picked on a single estate at the foot of the Atlas Mountains
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    Purifying Palmerosa
    Regain feelings of optimism and the ability to overcome obstacles while giving your skin a fragrant boost. . For a clearer, more mattified complexion, our blend of purifying and oil-balancing palmerosa helps to control shine where skin is oily, and hydrates where skin is dry.
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    Soothing starflower
    Starflower is unscented and ideal for the sensitive of us who need the most gentle of treatments. Starflower helps to soothe, cool and calm sensitive skin. Blended with calming aloe vera, liquorice and alpine flower, this collection is alcohol and fragrance free.
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    Radiance Boost
    Infused with radiance boosting, anti-oxidant rich wild rosehip oil and a natural aroma to indulge the skin as well as the senses. For a glowing, even-toned and radiant complexion.